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Instant Resignation Letter Kit

One-Time Special "Writing Kit" Bonus Offer

Since you are ordering Instant Resignation Letter Kit today:
I would like to give you the opportunity to also become the owner of my other best-selling eBook "Instant Home Writing Kit", at a very special price.

Instant Home Writing Kit is a true one-stop writing toolkit designed to give you what you need to do just about any kind of day-to-day writing task imaginable including: personal letters, business letters, reports, resumes, CVs, essays, e-mails, term papers…

Here's a summary of what Instant Home Writing Kit will give you…

One-Stop Information-Packed "how-to" Toolkit to help you master and fast-track those day-to-day mundane writing tasks (200+ pages).

Over 50 fully-formatted, real-life templates which you can download straight into your own word processor and use as you choose.

Free Bonus Section on business report writing, with never before published tips, tricks, advice, and outlines of real business reports.

Two Free Bonus Consultations with this author, by e-mail or telephone, on any writing project that you undertake using the Kit.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you not at least recover 5 times the cost of the Kit in the first three months you use it.

Powerful Set of Writing Tools that will improve your writing skills and open up new career and earning opportunities for you.

Using the information and templates in that Writing Kit you will be able to save significant amounts of time and money and easily produce professional looking writing that will surprise your co-workers, your friends, your family, and yourself.

"As a freelance journalist for a local newspaper, I make use of all kinds of writing help manuals. Shaun's first ebook, Instant Home Writing Kit, taught me things I thought I already knew. Now his latest ebook, The Instant Resignation Letter Kit, takes it all a little bit further. Shaun's manuals are a 'must have' for everyone who wants to write better."
John Coutts, Journalist and Webmaster, eBook Central

If you order Instant Home Writing Kit right now in addition to Instant Recommendation Letter Kit, you will get it for an unbelievable $13.00! (It's selling online right now for $24.97 and that price will be going up soon).

(You'll never see it again at anywhere close to this price).

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