Sample Resignation Letter Templates - Instant Resignation Letter Kit
Instant Resignation Letter Kit

List Of Real-Life Templates Included


Personal and/or Family-Related Reasons

1. return to school
2. health/safety-related
3. no reason given
4. family reasons
5. personal, private
6. death in family
7. having a baby
8. serious illness
9. early retirement

Working Condition-Related Reasons

10. too much travel
11. abusive manager
12. stressful workplace
13. job burn-out
14. policy disagreement
15. insufficient pay/benefits
16. unacceptable job changes
17. passed over for promotion
18. gender discrimination
19. lack of support resources
20. lack of appreciation
21. blamed for error
22. forced resignation

Other Types Of Resignations

23. accept a new position
24. move on to new challenge
25. resign from Committee
26. resign from Board
27. drop out of college/university


Cover Letters

28. Customer service management position
29. Public Relations copywriter position

Recommendation Letters

30. Targeted recipient
31. Unknown recipients

Reference Letters

32. Confirm employment
33. Explain departure

Thank You Letters

34. Job Interview
35. Informal meeting/interview

Introduction Letters

36. Business associate
37. Former employee

Resignation Retraction Letters

38. Accept counter-offer
39. Change of mind

And don't forget...

Each one of the above 39 templates is fully-formatted in final MS-Word format. So, you can download it straight into your word processing program, and with a bit of copying, cutting, pasting, and editing you'll have your custom resignation letter done in a matter of minutes.

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